HighJump One Platform released soon

HighJump, a global provider of supply chain management software, today announced the upcoming release of the HighJump One Platform, a next generation solution platform built upon the technologically advanced solutions currently available from HighJump and Accellos.  The HighJump One Platform is an HTML5 centric application platform, providing the foundation upon which HighJump’s solutions will be delivered.  The company expects to begin shipments in the latter part of the third quarter of 2015.

The HighJump One Platform provides broad support for browsers and devices, delivers a common experience across HighJump’s product lines, and serves as an internet scale model for future acquisitions and organic software investments.  Some highlights of the first release of the HighJump One Platform Include:

  • Internet Scale HTML5 Solution Architecture – The HighJump One Platform is based on HTML5, leveraging popular frameworks such as Knockout, Kendo UI, Bootstrap, and Memcached to provide an application platform capable of scaling to meet the needs of HighJump’s largest enterprise customers
  • Intuitive, Mobile Friendly Interface – In keeping with the increasing consumerization of the enterprise, the HighJump One Platform is a complete reimagining of the classic user experience from HighJump.  Taking advantage of the responsive capabilities of HTML5, solutions developed using the HighJump One Platform adapt to the device in use, optimizing for tablets and smart phones in addition to the traditional desktop or laptop computing environment.
  • eLearning and Event Management – Going beyond the capabilities of a traditional application platform, the HighJump One Platform offers tools built specifically to provide additional value to any supply chain business, large or small.  Embedded eLearning and Event Management make onboarding efforts and proactive business management a reality.
  • Compatibility with HighJump WebWise – The HighJump One Platform also serves as the basis for the next generation experience for customers using HighJump’s WebWise solution.  All applications built using WebWise today will enjoy a seamless upgrade process to the HighJump One Platform including being “tablet-enabled”.

“The key trends in the software industry these days surround enablement, providing the ability for users to access what they need, when they need it, and in whatever context they happen to be in,”  said Ross Elliott, chief strategy officer of HighJump.  “Because the HighJump One Platform is capable of running on any device, our customers are freed up to worry about business challenges, not technical ones.  Beyond that simple capability, the HighJump One Platform provides key capabilities like consolidated user management, eLearning, and proactive Event Management to further enable customers’ strategic business efforts.”