Hannibal Industries reveals TubeRack cost savings

Hannibal Industries, a rack manufacturer, has revealed the cost savings associated with its patented TubeRack product. View the video illustrating the ways TubeRack provides cost savings with figures here:


TubeRack’s inventor, Andrew Kirby states, “In addition to safety, TubeRack offers cost savings in its design, reduced concrete slab requirements, smaller footplates minimizing forklift damage and very significant freight savings.”

Smarter Steel Design

Steel content costs for many TubeRack designs will be lower than conventional racking while providing even GREATER impact resistance. Steel content is the single biggest cost driver in the manufacturing of racking systems.

Reduced Concrete Slab Requirements

Concrete is expensive. Slab requirements are also significantly different for TubeRack designs, with many designs reducing thickness by up to six inches. A conservative cost savings figure is approximately 12% for every two inches of reduced slab.

Smaller Footplates save money on Forklift Repairs

Larger footplates associated with many conventional rack designs can create narrow aisle space for forklift operation leading to tire damage and impact with racking. Tire damage on a typical Outrigger truck can cost up to $600.00 per incident.

Freight Savings

Traditional racking’s welded diagonals make it impossible to cube out a truck or container. TubeRack’s modular design makes it possible to cube out a truck or container, maximizing the freight. This makes freight savings significant. Typical freight savings based on truck cubing can range from 25%-35% less trucks per project. A 500,000-pound TubeRack project shipping from Los Angeles to Seattle may save $20,000 over conventional racking