Domed labels recover from scratches

Custom domed labels that create a high-value aesthetic appearance and are made from urethane which is virtually scratch- and dent-resistant have been introduced by Nameplates For Industry, Inc. of New Bedford, Massachusetts. NFi Domed Labels are made from urethane which features a high-gloss, non-yellowing, and weather-proof surface that “heals itself” when scratched or dented to retain a high-value aesthetic appearance.  Suitable for branding and identifying products and equipment, domed labels can be produced in custom shapes with bright colors, images, and metallic inks. Unlike injection molded or stamped 3-dimensional nameplates, NFi Domed Labels require no expensive tooling and are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.  Made from a two-part urethane, with a substrate and adhesive engineered to the application, they are offered in sizes from 1/4” sq. to 6” x 18” and meet SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) specifications.