Albion’s new AX wheels offer ergonomic performance under heavy loads

Albion Caster announces its latest wheel innovation, AX Wheels. These resilient polyurethane on aluminum wheels offer superior ergonomic performance for today’s heavy and demanding material handling environments. And, based on industry-leading testing, the AX Wheel requires 20% LESS FORCE to move than comparative wheels. “Ergonomics is a huge concern for our customers,” said Albion Brand Manager, Brian Denisty. “An improper wheel under heavy loads will put workers at risk for injury. The AX Wheel provides the durability and easy maneuverability vital to reducing pushing and pulling efforts under heavy loads.”

AX Wheels are engineered with rounded 85 Shore A durometer polyurethane tread that is
chemically and mechanically bonded to a lightweight aluminum core. The non-marking
polyurethane tread material provides for easier swiveling and quiet gliding, even across most debris covered floors, while maintaining the durability to carry loads up to 1,500 lbs per wheel. AX Wheels easily dispel debris, such as sand, metal chips and weld slag. In addition, these skid resistance wheels feature double sealed precision ball bearings for maintenance free operation. Proven applications for the AX Wheel include the following: Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), towing applications of all kinds, assembly conveyance, body weld carts and many other manually moved applications where ease of movement is required. AX Wheels from Albion, in sizes 4” through 8” with a 2” tread width, are in stock and shipping now.