A new line of affordable forklift battery chargers from Italy

Intella Liftparts is pleased to announce the introduction of the ATIB line of forklift battery chargers.     ATIB ELETTRONICA SRL is an Italian company with more than 25 years’ experience in the production of battery chargers and electronics. Since 1989 we provide solutions for charging any battery type (from Lead Acid and GEL up to VRLA, AGM, Li-Ion etc.) focusing on Motive Power.   ATIB’s main products include:

  • 50Hz conventional chargers
  • HF chargers
  • DC/DC converters
  • Battery servicing items

  In addition to manufacturing chargers and DC/DC converters under the ATIB brand name, ATIB has a great deal of experience in designing and producing private label chargers for various battery and forklift OEMs.   In addition to OEM agreements, ATIB sells and markets its line of chargers to virtually every country.  In Europe ATIB has enjoyed success with its partnership with Intella Liftparts parent company, VanGent Forklift Parts.  VanGent Forklift Parts has distributed ATIB battery chargers for over eight years.   For the North American market ATIB will initially offer a simple, long proven and robust technology with its conventional 50Hz chargers.  These chargers can provide an excellent solution for single and double shift operations.  The  CSA/UL line in fact is composed of two Wa chargers (8-13h) lines and a fast one WoPulse (6.5-8h). High frequency (HF) chargers will be introduced later in 2016.   From its years of experience working with various OEM partners, Atib Elettronica has developed an increasingly complex and flexible electronic board involving high level functions like:  

  • derivative dV/dt control
  • Capacitive termination (Charging Factor% and CFmin)
  • Pulsing technology