TVH announces partnership with SME Group

TVH has announced its global partnership with SME Group, an Italian high technology manufacturer of electronic controllers and related products for application in battery powered vehicles.

Effective January 1, 2015, all aftermarket customers looking for SME spare parts will be redirected to TVH. While SME will continue to focus on the development and manufacturing of innovative solutions for OEM customers, TVH will be the global aftermarket partner for the sale of new parts and the authorized repair and remanufacturing center.

According to a release SME stated, “Through the alliance with TVH we are confident to provide better and faster service to our customers all around the world. The experience and the organization of TVH will provide benefit to our customers that will have local support in their local language.” 

“This is an exciting development for both companies”, per TVH company release. “Our skilled technical team has received extensive training and all parts and technical information to remanufacture parts have been handed over. Due to this new alliance the remanufacturing and repairs from the SME facility in Italy will be transferred to TVH in Belgium.”

For the customer this cooperation should be beneficial as it will lead to higher availability, shorter lead times and good technical support in different languages.

For TVH, this agreement aligns with their commitment to provide customers a true one-stop shop experience. It will also allow them to better meet the needs of the customers and give them an option between a new and a remanufactured part.

With its brand new 5000 m² facilities for the repair and remanufacturing of electronic parts, TVH is without a doubt Europe’s largest, best equipped and most diverse supplier/remanufacturer of electronic parts for electric vehicles of all types.