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Raymond performs unparalleled Lithium-Ion testing to provide industry-leading solutions

Raymond to present research, testing at upcoming NY-BEST conference 

The Raymond Corporation is committed to providing leading energy solutions that elevate and optimize operations through unequaled testing and performance evaluations. As the lithium-ion power market continues to grow rapidly throughout the industry, Raymond is on the cutting edge of this growth, working in coordination with the Battery and Energy Storage Technology Test (BEST) & Commercialization Center (BTCC), an ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory, to build significant capability in lithium-ion battery testing and development.

“The BTCC brings together over 250 years of combined DNV and NY-BEST team experience,” said Richard S. Barnes, regional president, Energy Systems North America at DNV. “Testing at the facility provides crucial insights into the longevity as well as the technical performance of energy storage systems used in any situation. The high-quality, flexible testing capabilities also provide third-party independence to the test results.”

For the utmost reliability and performance, Raymond energy solutions are put through rigorous testing at the BTCC. Energy Essentials Distributed by Raymond® is just one example in which Raymond’s testing results in a comprehensive lithium-ion, high-performance energy solution to optimize operations. The implementation of Energy Essentials batteries provides operations with significant productivity enhancements, including increased uptime, reduced electricity consumption, and a smaller carbon footprint, by allowing for more time between charges.

“We are in a dynamic world with quickly evolving needs. To stay ahead of the curve, Raymond is driving energy innovations to elevate operations and meet the demands of today,” said Jennifer de Souza, senior director, energy solutions, procurement & leasing. “Raymond is dedicated to bringing unparalleled emerging technologies to the commercial market through rigorous testing and qualification.”

On Oct. 27, 2021, Dan Harris, a Raymond engineer for energy systems, will give a seminar on the battery-testing process at the New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium (NY-BEST) Fall Energy Storage Technology and Innovation Conference held in Binghamton, New York.