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MHS Lift launches unique customer Web Portal to streamline service & repairs

MHS Lift, Inc., an award-winning, nationally recognized material handling equipment company, recently launched a brand-new, completely custom service web portal and mobile application that allows customers to stay up to date throughout every step of the service and repair cycle.

My Fleet 365 provides a unique, seamless experience for service and repairs. Customers can use the app to place service orders by scanning a QR code on a forklift and then managing and track orders right from their mobile device. My Fleet 365 works intuitively with MHS Lift’s service database, granting customers access to all their company’s information 24/7, 365 days a year.

“With the goal of creating a portal that was seamlessly integrated with all of the information we have available, we brainstormed, researched, and implemented features that we feel each customer would want to know at every step of the service and repair cycle – regardless of the size of the business,” says Andy Levin, President, MHS Lift. “And we want our customers to hold us accountable because we stand by our amazing service. That’s why customers can use My Fleet 365 to review our average completion time or average jobs completed within a 24-hour window.”

Other reporting includes a cost breakdown of their warehouse fleet and a year-by-year spending comparison on service. My Fleet 365 will also enable businesses to measure their service level using the all-new Key Metrics Reports.

Other My Fleet 365 features include:

  • Customized look and reporting for each client
  • Real-time status of open jobs and ETAs of service parts
  • Multiple options for placing any service request
  • QR code capability in the mobile application
  • Invoice capabilities
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Cost breakdown of fleet

“MHS Lift is dedicated to bringing the highest level of customer service to each of our clients while providing optimal solutions to increase productivity, operate efficiently, and ultimately make every business more money,” says Brett Levin, Vice President, MHS Lift.