Credit: Plantgistix

Plantgistix to open Baytown second packaging plant in US

Plantgistix is due to open a new Baytown facility for export contract packaging services

US-based plastic resin logistics company Plantgistix is planning to open a second packaging plant at the AmeriPort Industrial Park in Baytown, Texas.

Spread across 337,000ft2 space, the plant is expected to complement the company’s growth and cater the need for export contract packaging in the region as well as enhance its services. The company opened its first Baytown contract packaging plant on 717 Logistics Drive.

The Baytown facility features two new packaging lines, boxing and 25kg bagging, 84 dock doors, as well as more than 3,000ft of private rail spurs.

Union Pacific Railroad and BNSF Railway will offer daily switching services for rail cars at the plant.

Plantgistix CEO Marc Levine said: “The new facility will boost our inbound hopper car capacity by at least 250-300 cars per month.

“At the heart of the expansion is our people who live by our core values of accountability, courage, caring, problem-solving, teamwork and dedication.

“The recognition of the value we deliver allows us and requires us to expand as the need for our high level of service and certainty is demanded.”

The company expects to unveil the new Baytown facility by 1 March and make it fully operational before the end of the second quarter.

Plantgistix offers contract packaging services, in-plant product handling services to optimise process design, installation and maintenance of equipment, as well as material handling systems.