Holland driver travels three million accident-free miles

Holland professional driver Keith Fielding achieved the remarkable accomplishment of driving over three million consecutive miles without a single preventable accident. To put this in perspective, the distance he has driven is equivalent to driving from San Francisco to New York City 1,030 times in a row or to making over six consecutive round trips to the moon — all without a preventable accident. He will be honored for his achievement at the Holland Dayton service center beginning with a police escort into the facility and including a celebratory gathering of family, friends and co-workers. Fielding’s driving record demonstrates the strong safety focus exhibited by drivers, dock workers and other professionals throughout the Holland network. “We’re tremendously proud of the three million mile safe driving record Keith has achieved,” said Scott Ware, president of Holland. “Keith and all of our Holland drivers know that we need every shipment to arrive safely and on time to every single customer. His constant attention to safety combined with a continuous focus on top-notch customer service helps create the Holland difference that sets us apart from other carriers.”

Keith Fielding joined Holland in 1984 and averages approximately 12,000 miles a month driving between Dayton, Ohio and Joliet, Illinois. “I figured out long ago that it is important to be safe at what you do,” said Keith Fielding. “It snowed over twelve inches my first night on the road. I had great driving teachers so smart safety practices just became a habit.”

He added, “Any driver can be accident-free. You just have to be a bit more patient and more observant. We receive the necessary training. When behind the wheel, I just keep thinking about staying safe and driving the way I was trained. I accept the weather and road conditions as a given and focus on being the safest I can be.”

Fielding joins a select group of only two other active Holland drivers to have achieved the elite status of driving over three million miles without a preventable accident. In addition, there are 420 active Holland drivers on the road who have reached the safety milestone of driving over one million consecutive miles without a preventable accident and 139 active Holland drivers who have reached more than two million consecutive miles without a preventable accident.

Keith has been married to his wife Nancy for over 36 years and has two sons. When he’s not driving, he enjoys working on his farm and taking his grandson riding on his tractor.