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Hikvision launches new Learning and Development Campaign: Free virtual classroom training for integrators

Virtual training is designed to increase product knowledge among installing technicians and salespeople, including Dec. 9 educational webinar about the program’s value

Hikvision, a world manufacturer and supplier of security products and solutions that deliver the ideal combination of high performance and extreme value, is proud to launch its Learning and Development (L&D) campaign encouraging security businesses to sign up for its virtual training courses. Integrators and installing technicians are encouraged to sign up online for the free Instructor Led virtual training courses, each designed to educate on a variety of Hikvision products with varying skill levels. A short webinar on Friday, December 9 will help dealers—both business owners and managers—understand the value of virtual training.

“It is important we deliver flexible, free virtual training for our customers. Giving their team members access to new product knowledge and practice helps integrators’ salespeople feel comfortable presenting these solutions to end users and gives technicians the skillset to easily install and troubleshoot in the field, ” said John Xiao, Vice President of Marketing, Hikvision USA. “Our online courses are ideal for those technicians who do not want to travel or attend-in person training, but would still like to receive personalized instruction on some of the most popular Hikvision solutions.”

All Hikvision virtual training courses are free and can be accessed anywhere via an internet connection. Course instructors can interact with attendees in real-time, offering a personalized learning experience in a low-stress setting. A virtual environment also allows attendees to experience or practice with products they have not yet experienced in person to improve their competency prior to installation. This helps technicians and salespeople achieve expert-level product knowledge that ultimately improves sales and boosts customer satisfaction.

As a part of Hikvision’s Learning and Development Campaign, those interested in the virtual training courses can attend an online, informative webinar on December 9, 2022. This short webinar is designed to help business owners, managers, dealers, and technicians understand how easy virtual training is and how course attendance can benefit operations overall.

To view the virtual classroom training calendar, please visit: catalog.hikvisionlearning.com/event-calendar/

To register for the informational webinar, please visit: https://hikvision.webex.com/weblink/register/rd84535c9214bf1a51a94660a1b96b447