FlexQube is granted European patent

FlexQube’s European patent application regarding several of the essential components in FlexQube’s modular system, has been granted by the European Patent Office on November 21st, 2018. FlexQube has previously been granted similar patents in the US, China, Japan, Canada, and South Korea. 

FlexQube’s CEO, Anders Fogelberg, explains “It is satisfying that we have now received the same strong protection for our core components in Europe as we have within other markets. Although we expected this result, given the previous patent grants, it is a proof of the strength and uniqueness of our modular system as well as FlexQube’s innovative capability. However, our strength doesn’t lie in the individual components or the different technologies but in our ability to quickly develop and deliver applications that generate safe, ergonomic, high quality and cost-effective products in logistics to our customers.

In parallel with patent protections, we work actively with design protection and copyright to build strong overall conceptual protection, which we consider equally important, even though individual patents might turn out to be very valuable.”