CLARK announces expansion plans for Kentucky

CLARK Material Handling Company (CLARK) announced that it is expanding production at its Lexington, KY North American headquarters to include electric burden carriers and electric golf car products. Production in Lexington will begin in the first quarter of 2013. As a result of this move CLARK expects to add an additional twenty production and support employees to its Lexington based work force. Chuck Moratz, CLARK’s vice president & chief operations officer, who oversees the daily operations of CLARK in North America comments, “We believe this transition to Lexington will significantly improve our ability to oversee and support the daily production requirements of these products. This should in turn have a positive impact on our Dealers and end users as it relates to design, production, quality and on-time deliveries. Today these products are built near Long Beach, CA, and we believe repositioning all manufacturing to Lexington is good news for our employees and the Lexington community. Additionally, our state-of-the-art aftermarket parts distribution center in Louisville will be taking on warehousing and distribution of all service parts for these vehicles. CLARK continues to invest in its North American operations as the company positions itself for future growth. These expansions along with our new production facility in San Luis Potosi, Mexico (opened in January of 2012) are two major investments in our brand.” An industry leader since it invented the first material handling truck in 1917, CLARK has built more than one million forklifts during its more than 100 years of business. CLARK supplies a full line of electric and internal combustion forklifts, manual pallet jacks, powered pallet jacks, narrow aisle forklifts, industrialvehicles, burden carriers & aftermarket parts.