Battery Council looking for product innovations

A new year means new opportunities to make a lasting impact on the lead battery industry. If your company introduced an innovation in the past 12 months from packaging and technology to equipment, chemistry and beyond submit it for the 2019 Innovation Award by February 8, 2019.

The Battery Council International (BCI) is looking for submissions that will earn your company recognition within BCI’s Convention program, mobile app, website, industry publications and a video showcase to over 600 industry stakeholders at the 2019 BCI Convention & Power Mart Expo.

Every year, hundreds of innovations occur within the lead battery industry – from packaging and technology to equipment, chemistry and beyond. The goal of the Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz Innovation Award is to collect all of these innovations and showcase them to both the industry and the public.

2019 submissions are now being accepted. In order to showcase the most current innovations, BCI asks that all submissions share innovations introduced in the past 12 months and advance the lead battery industry.

Submission Guidelines

The following guidelines should be considered when submitting an innovation. Providing multiple supporting documents that align with these guidelines will give judges additional insight and clarity on your submission. All of the guidelines do not need to be met to qualify for consideration.

  • Sustainability – How does your submission show environmental stewardship? Provide tangible aspirations, goals and objectives in helping to create a greener tomorrow.
  • Safety – Does your submission show product and/or process stability? Can it be safely commercialized? Demonstrate a clear commitment to the safety of the general public and industry.
  • Cost – Can the submission be easily commercialized and/or provide cost-optimized advantages? Is it an affordable alternative to existing technologies and processes?
  • Performance – Show how your innovation meets its intended key objectives, goals and benefits.
  • Uniqueness – How does it differ from existing products? Information should clearly define what makes this product, process and/or discovery unique.
  • Value – How does the submission directly benefit the lead battery industry? Can the product be utilized outside of the company that created it?

View past entries and learn more about submission guidelines.