LLT introduces Engineering and Design Leadership team

LLT, a newly launched California-based LED lighting manufacturer of high-output commercial and industrial applications, has expanded its product development and technology capabilities with the hiring of Jim Rhodes as Chief Technology Officer and Doug Luden as Product Development Manager.

LLT offers a comprehensive portfolio of U.S. made LED fixtures and LED light engine retrofit solutions and will continue to expand its offerings with industry-leading LED lighting solutions. The company is targeting the launch of new, high-performance retrofit products this month as a part of its LLT PerformTech line. To support its ongoing development and innovation efforts, the company has built out its product and technology leadership team.

Heading LLT’s engineering activities, the company has welcomed Jim Rhodes as its new CTO. With over thirty years of experience in electronics and controls, Jim has founded several companies and holds a number of patents for electronic and software methods. Jim has spent the last ten years leading all LED technology development for a company he founded called Illum Technology.

Doug Luden is LLT’s Product Development Manager and brings a diverse background and over 15 years of product development experience at the forefront of the LED lighting industry. Prior to his career in LED lighting, Doug was professional BMX racer and color commentator on networks such as ESPN and Fox Sports.

“I am delighted to have Jim and Doug on the team,” stated Francisco (Paco) Palop, CEO of Lumination. “Both of these individuals bring tremendous experience, vision, and passion for the LED lighting industry. As a company, LLT is poised to provide the highest quality products today, and to continue the development of innovative and dynamic products into the future.”