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Cisco-Eagle promotes Ryan Elkins to North Texas Sales Director

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Cisco-Eagle has promoted Ryan Elkins to North Texas Director of Sales according to James Murphy, Vice-President of Sales.

Elkins, who has worked as an account executive in Dallas since 2019, will be responsible for serving customers in North Texas markets. He will provide guidance for the sales and engineering groups, as well as assistance with strategic accounts and customers.

“Ryan’s been invaluable to companies in manufacturing and distribution,” Murphy said. “We’re excited about him bringing the same vision and talent to our broad Texas customer base. He’s got a strategic mind and strong grasp of the needs of distribution and manufacturing operations.” In his new role, Elkins will provide guidance and expertise to our North Texas clients and the sales and engineering groups that work with them.

Elkins is a 2014 Texas A&M graduate in Agricultural Economics. He joined Cisco-Eagle in 2018 as an account executive, where he implemented material handling systems in Northeast Texas and the surrounding areas.

“We’ll be better than ever at helping companies operate safer and more efficiently because of Ryan’s leadership,” said Murphy.