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Cisco-Eagle announces new Director of Sales of Tenneesee

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 Cisco-Eagle is a material handling systems integrator, dealing in conveyor systems, storage, and automation for distribution/manufacturing clients has announced that Don Laux became Director of Sales for Tennessee effective October 1st.

As the new Director of Sales for Tennessee, Don is responsible for maintaining and growing our Tennessee, Michigan, Virginia, and Florida markets.  A 30-year material handling industry veteran, Don was previously Director of the Nashville office and has years of managing multi-distribution and manufacturing facilities in and outside the United States.

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James Murphy

“Don has managed major manufacturing operations and knows what it takes to succeed,” James Murphy, VP of Sales added. “He’s been a mentor and a leader before and after we were fortunate enough to have him here at Cisco-Eagle. He’ll do what he always does and make a difference in this new role.”

Cisco-Eagle is 100% employee-owned and has been in continuous operation since 1970. The company’s customer base spans all fifty states, serviced by regional offices from Texas to Florida.