Venturo® releases new Crane Safety Control Management System

Venturo Hydraulic Service Crane Operators will benefit from VLC™ crane safety controls

The role of technology in the American service truck industry is playing a significantly more important role in new product development. One of the biggest impacts has been the development and acceptance of PLC systems (Programmable Logic Controls). These European-style control systems give the user greater control and safety features by using multiple sensors and user feedback functions with proprietary logic programming. This technology has been a long time coming and Venturo® has developed its own system.

The new Venturo Logic Control (VLC™) crane safety management system provides safe crane operations for operators. Features of this new system include vehicle stability/grade indications, overload protection, wireless or CAN communication, and multiple alerts and displays utilizing lights, controller vibrations and screen text.

As part of the new VLC™ system, operators will receive an all-new wireless-remote, pistol-grip controller. This will be a standard feature as part of the system for all proportionally-controlled Venturo hydraulic service cranes. The VLC™ controller offers more comfort and less fatigue with over 60 hours of battery life, 4-line, 20-character screen display, (7) 2-way toggle switches, (4) momentary push buttons, vibration and LCD display alerts with 2.4GHz wireless or wired cable operation.

Precision, overload-protection increases the operator’s safety by controlling and preventing any type of overload on the service crane. A result of this feature is a lighter-weight crane which increases payload capacity on your service truck.

Multiple safety and capacity alerts warn operators of malfunction or overloads. The VLC™ system features (4) different types of alerts:

  •     LCD Display Screen Text
  •     Transmitter Handle Vibrations
  •     Green/Yellow/Red alert light located on the underside of the boom
  •     Corresponding lights on the wireless receiver