Toyota launches three new products

Toyota Industrial Equipment introduced several new products to its customers and dealers this month including a new Reach Truck, a new 80-Volt Electric and a High-Capacity IC forklift. The latest product launch culminates months of product development, with eight new Toyota models and services introduced in the last two years. 

New Reach Truck
Toyota’s new Reach Truck, available in 2,500 -4,500 lb. capacities, features more than 500 engineering changes to increase quality, reliability and durability. The new forklift includes extended service intervals and an increased powertrain warranty of 3 years / 6,000 hours.

“With the increasing demand for warehouse products, the timing was right for a new Reach Truck,” said Toyota’s Director of Product Planning, Technical Services and Warranty Cesar Jimenez. “During field trials, customers noticed increased performance, operators competed over who got to drive it, and warehouse managers loved the quality.”

New 80-Volt Electric
Toyota’s new 80-Volt Electric forklift is available in 4,000 – 7,000 lb. capacities. Designed to work outdoors, 80-Volt forklifts offer reduced maintenance, improved ergonomics and increased productivity, and are proven to have twice the run time as 36- and 48-volt models.

“Toyota’s AC technology combined with 80-Volt power creates an electric forklift that rivals an Internal Combustion truck.” said Toyota’s Electric Product Planning and Product Support Manager Scott Carlin.

New High-Capacity IC Forklift
Toyota’s new High-Capacity IC forklift, available in 22,000 – 72,000 lb. capacities, is made for ports, lumber, oil and gas, and any other industries where high-capacity forklifts are used.

“Toyota’s new High-Capacity IC forklifts demonstrate to our customers that Toyota is truly committed to its role as a full-line supplier and solutions partner.” Said Toyota’s Special Product Sales Manager Alan Dotts.