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Packsize offers tailor-made and automated packaging for e-commerce

Tailor-made, efficient and sustainable: Packsize will present its automated solutions for e-commerce at the LogiMAT trade fair in Stuttgart, Germany. The experts meet the challenge of ever increasing shipping volumes by providing more efficient and sustainable packaging processes. Precision-fit boxes, created individually for each shipment, bring numerous advantages from picking through to shipping. 

Online retailers are faced with two contradictory requirements: on the one hand, customers like to shop in the Internet and value the advantages. And they expect their orders to arrive, properly packaged, at their doorstep in ever shorter delivery times. At the same time, the demand for more sustainability is steadily increasing. These requirements can only be reconciled by using optimised processes from order entry to shipping. Increased throughput and more efficient material flows become essential.

Packaging as a Service

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Martin Jönsson

Packsize offers “Packaging as a Service”. Packaging lines for e-commerce and fulfilment are designed and implemented individually, working in partnership with the operators. A wide range of options for automated carton cutting, -folding, -filling and -sealing can be efficiently integrated. This always results in more economic and sustainable solutions. “We offer customised complete processes that make it possible for each order to be packed in a ready-to-ship box”, explains Martin Jönsson, Vice President of Enterprise Sales Europe at Packsize. Customers profit from the extensive bandwidth of possible “On Demand Packaging®” solutions. “The degree of automation increases rapidly along with productivity, yet each individual product – be it a tablet, chair or rug – always gets its own tailor-made shipping box”, explains Jönsson.

Individual packaging processes with wide ranging options

Packsize solutions are based on a high level of automation. The fully automatic X7 packaging line, for example, produces up to 1,200 differently sized ready-to-ship packages per hour. Labour intensive operations in the packaging process are significantly reduced.

The fully automatic X7 packaging line produces up to 1.200 ready-to-ship packages per hour for products of different sizes.

The fully automatic X7 packaging line produces up to 1.200
ready-to-ship packages per hour for products of different sizes.

By introducing On Demand Packaging processes, e-commerce and related fulfilment companies can also reduce their ecological footprint. Using right-sized boxes significantly reduces both the package volume and the amount of material used. Packsize customers also make savings when it comes to handling and logistics, since the tailor-made packages take up less space. And the amount of filling material used is also reduced.

Packsize will be exhibiting at the LogiMAT trade fair in Stuttgart from March 10th to 12th at Stand B61 in Hall 4.