Multi-Conveyor_Massive Bi-Di Accumulation Table image

Massive Bi-Directional accumulation for super high-speed filling

Multi-Conveyor recently modified the layout of a high-speed canning line by adding intermediate sections and adding a massive stainless steel bi-directional accumulation table.

The modification included a 51′ mass flow transport conveyor section and a 54′ long by 10’ wide accumulation table to hold backed-up or accumulated product to nearly 14,000 cans at a required rate of 900 cans per minute (CPM). NOTE:  This video has been intentionally blur-time-lapsed for proprietary purposes.) 

Accumulation tables increase line uptime by allowing conveyor systems to store products so that the upstream equipment, in this case, a filler, can remain operational at full speed if downstream equipment is stopped. When clear, the table automatically reintroduces the accumulated product to match the down-line equipment surge rate until the table is emptied.

This project incorporated a raised rib chain to provide a smooth transfer onto and off of the table and a heavy solid stainless steel floating sweep arm to assist in table filling and emptying.

Mass flow to bulk accumulation systems like this one is easily adaptable to almost any round product, minimizing change over requirements. The amount of increased filler run time is several hours per day and is expected to provide a full return on investment (ROI) in less than a year’s time for this particular project.

Accumulation volume and buffer times are application-specific and should be discussed upfront with your account manager or Multi-Conveyor regional sales partner.