HTC People Mover image

Huron Technology Corporation announces the Ergo Conveyor

Huron Technology Corp. has just introduced the Ergo Conveyor, also known as the People Mover Conveyor, which is an ergonomic solution for high volume and large product manufacturing and assembly lines. While commonly found in the automotive industry, the Ergo Conveyor is a versatile conveyor that also assists in the manufacturing and assembly of many products like carts, lawnmowers, appliances, furnaces, ATVs, and more.

HTC People Mover with workers imageThe Ergo Conveyor features a platform that moves at the same speed as the product being assembled and reduces worker fatigue and movement from walking alongside the assembly area. It has two drives, one to move the belt and one to maintain tension, which allows the Ergo Conveyor to provide a stable, non-surging motion as workers step on and off the nonslip surface modular plastic belt. The conveyor is available in widths from 30 to 120 inches, lengths from 20 to 210 feet, and heights as low as 14 inches. Want to know more about the Ergo Conveyor? Click here to discover this exciting new product.

Don’t let worker fatigue impact efficiency and product quality, consider an ergonomic solution like the Ergo Conveyor that provides a comfortable working height and pace for assembly line workers. Learn how you can provide a more ergonomic line for your operators by emailing