Hella launches Valuefit LBX Light Bars

HELLA Automotive Sales Inc., the North American aftermarket subsidiary of automotive lighting and electronics supplier HELLA, has just launched a new HELLA ValueFit LBX light bar range, ideal for daily lighting applications. They are available in four configurations: 8 “-3 LED’s 22W, 14” -6 LED’s 44W, 21 “-9 LED 66W (SAE approved) and 27” -12 LED 88W, they are all equipped with die-cast aluminum housing.

The 21” and 27” light bars feature two light beam patterns: Driving and Combo (Driving and spot light). These configurations allow HELLA VALUEFIT LBX light bars to be used in all-terrain applications such as: cars, trucks, utility vehicles and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) with light color temperature of 6500K

They have smoked lenses with reflective optics that produce a very attractive design. The HELLA VALUEFIT LBX Light bar fittings and brackets are made of metal, resistant to corrosion, environment and vibrations and have IP67 protection. Its stainless-steel brackets allow flexible positioning to meet a wide range of customer preferences.

The HELLA VALUEFIT LBX light bars modern housing includes 10W CREE LEDs that are used in all the light bar product range delivering superior and high-performance intensity light output. These LEDs produces 1000, 2000, 3500 and 5500 of measured lumens for the 8”, 14”, 21” and 27”, respectively.

The variety of lengths is one of the benefits of the light bars no matter what vehicle, they can be fitted in the roof, roll bar or grill guards.  The HELLA ValueFit LED light bars have a one-year warranty.