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Floor level lift tables can be loaded by a hand pallet truck

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¾ XZ Series Lift Tables from Presto ECOA feature Zero-Height platforms that sit just 3/8” above the floor.  This extreme low height allows loads to be rolled on or off of them with a hand pallet jack, making them ideal for facilities without a forklift, or for use in fork-free designated areas.

Loads can be accessed from all four sides of the platform making the lift well suited for palletizing operations.  Six standard models are available and can be furnished in 2,000, 4,000, or 6,000 lb. capacities with either a 44” x 48” or 50” x 48” platform. Lifting and lowering are controlled by either a hand pendant or footswitch.  The maximum platform height is 35-3/8”.

XZ Series lifts are equipped with a 1 HP external power unit and operate on standard 115/1/60 electrical power. The front of the platform is equipped with a 6” deep flexible strip that yields on contact to prevent toe injuries.

In addition to standard configurations, a variety of options are available including custom platform sizes, bellows skirting, and one-touch leveling.