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Raymond celebrates National Forklift Safety Day with focus on operator training

President and CEO Michael Field serves as chair, reinforces training with connected technologies

June 8 marks the 8th annual National Forklift Safety Day, drawing attention to the importance of training programs and their necessity for successful operations. This year’s National Forklift Safety Day chair, Michael Field, president and CEO of The Raymond Corporation, will speak on how operations can use intelligent warehouse solutions to train operators and pedestrians in a warehouse setting. This year’s National Forklift Safety Day event will take place virtually on June 8, 2021, at 9:00 a.m. ET.

Michael Field, CEO, Raymond Corporation

Michael Field, CEO, Raymond

“Whether you’re bringing on new workers, reassigning responsibilities or adjusting processes to keep up with demand, education is vital to an operation,” said Michael Field, president and CEO, The Raymond Corporation. “Raymond is committed to helping operations foster a culture of safety and continuous improvement through the optimization of data, people and processes that help maximize efficiency and reinforce training.”

Raymond will continue supporting the National Forklift Safety Day initiative with a LinkedIn Live event on June 9 at 12 pm ET. Raymond’s Vice President of Customer Solutions and Support Dave Norton will discuss how next-generation learning technologies, like virtual reality, help educate lift truck operators and pedestrians on best practices in material handling environments. Register for the free event, here.

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