CTD Lighting series promotes better Unidirectional Airflow in Cleanrooms

Kenall Manufacturing continues to expand its cleanroom lighting options, this week introducing the redesigned SimpleSeal CTD Series. Available in white or amber, the CTD is designed specifically for photosensitive cleanroom applications, including semiconductor manufacturing. Its low-profile design supports unidirectional (also known as laminar) airflow systems by preventing the turbulence that can result from using a longer profile fixture.

The fixture’s low profile also eliminates shadows caused by longer luminaires currently available on the market that can create the appearance of a dark, cavernous ceiling. The SimpleSeal CTD Series provides optimal light distribution, resulting in a clean, uniformly-lit ceiling. The specialized optics reduce glare and improve visibility throughout the facility.

Tim Stevens, Kenall’s Product Marketing Manager in charge of cleanroom & containment lighting commented, “The redesigned CTD Series is ideal for use in cleanrooms where performance and versatility are appreciated. This fixture is remarkably efficient, regardless of whether it is specified in white LED or amber LED. Kenall’s 570nm phosphor-converted (PC) amber is very pure and extremely reliable; lighting made with this type of amber requires less energy and produces less heat, resulting in the long life people have come to expect from LED sources.” The CTD Series joins a number of other Kenall products designed for cleanroom and containment spaces, many with amber options.