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AttaBox’s Heartland® Polycarbonate enclosures feature the reliable protection of Robotically Applied Foam-In-Place gaskets

AttaBox® Enclosures, the world’s most specified polycarbonate, and non-metallic electrical and industrial enclosures have announced the latest product innovation for its Heartland® series of enclosures: Foam-In-Place gaskets.

Foam-In-Place gaskets offer a proven history of providing full secure contact to the mating cover surface with a continuous overlapping seal that ensures no air gaps, no glue joints, and no shrinking of gasket size due to stretching of the material. The result is maximum sealing integrity and reliable protection of all wiring, connections, instrumentation, and controls housed by Heartland® enclosures.

Since its introduction, the Heartland® product line has gone through a series of upgrades and innovations designed to increase security and protection, reduce modification time and costs, and expand the availability of standard offerings. The latest addition of foam-in-place gaskets builds on this commitment to enclosure excellence.

The Heartland® series is the most innovative, durable, and reliable polycarbonate enclosures available. The Heartland® is one box, one solution enclosure, and can be configured as either a screw cover or hinged cover, available in 13 sizes from 6×6 to 24×24, with either opaque or clear smoked covers. They are listed cULus Type 4X with select sizes, Type 6P for the US and Canada, and are listed IEC IP66 with select sizes IP68.

Heartland® Innovations:

1.  Panel Management: Heartland® is designed with innovative panel management and side mount capabilities, which allows full use of the interior space to maximize component placement and design flexibility.

2.  Latch Material Options: Heartland® polycarbonate enclosures are available with matching polycarbonate latches for a fully nonmetallic enclosure solution, or with stainless steel latches. Latches can be swapped easily without any tools, making retrofitting the enclosures in the field accessible to all users.

3.  6 Standard Colors: Originally available in gray with an opaque or clear smoked cover, the Heartland® series is now available in six standard colors (gray, white, black, red, yellow, and blue). This greatly improves lead times for users looking for a color enclosure solution to stand out, blend in, or meet safety and visibility requirements.

4.  Foam-In-Place Gaskets: Now available for all product sizes, the latest performance upgrade to the Heartland® polycarbonate enclosures series features robotically applied Foam-In-Place gaskets instead of the traditional neoprene rope gasketing.

AttaBox® is an innovative force in the engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of non-metallic enclosures. We make it easy for our enclosure users to get reliable NEMA 4X and UL -certified protection by making an outstanding product and service quality quickly available through diverse channels including price-competitive online e-commerce, and direct business-to-business one-stop availability. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology is U.S.-based and provides customers with a total solution for application challenges demanding the best from protective enclosures.