APEM introduces its new XD Series Joystick

APEM, Inc. launches the XD series joystick, a multi-axis Hand Grip joystick specifically engineered for demanding vehicle applications.  Featuring non-contacting Hall effect technology to provide up to 10 million operations, the XD series is a compact yet highly reliable joystick ideally suited for off-highway vehicles and machinery.

The XD series joystick measures just 60mm below panel, yet withstands horizontal loads up to 400lbf.  The strength of the new XD series has been achieved by utilizing all metal construction as well as optimizing the wall thickness and diameter of the joystick’s lever.  The result is a compact joystick with the mechanical integrity of heavy duty joysticks much larger in size.

The XD series’ handle utilizes a uni-body construction with modular inserts to provide design flexibility.  This allows customers to purchase base joysticks which may then be configured as required.  Insert options include an index trigger switch, operator presence paddle and a customizable faceplate.  The one piece handle also limits ingress points and enables IP67 above panel environmental sealing. 

The XD series provides SAE CAN bus J1939-71 outputs.  .  All axis and button data are delivered on a CAN 2.0B compliant physical interface. Two additional signals allow configuration of the controller Source Address.  The XD series can accommodate a 6 to 35VDC power supply and will operate between -40 to +85C.