MTConnect announces extension for Ideation Competition

Submission period extended to December 15

The deadline for the MTConnect Student Challenge ideation competition has been extended until December 15. In addition to allowing students more time to develop and submit their ideas, this also allows for more entries into the competition.

The MTConnect Student Challenge seeks ideas and applications using MTConnect, an open, HTTP- and XML-based communications standard that fosters connectivity between manufacturing equipment and devices. Sponsored by the Department of Defense, The competition is open to all U.S. college students (undergraduate and graduate; university and community college) and is offering a total of $33,000 in cash prizes for winning submissions.

“The goals of the MTConnect Student Challenge is to bring together the innovative and creative thinking from students with the needs of the manufacturing industry to develop breakthrough solutions that are easily applicable for manufacturers of all sizes,” said Douglas K. Woods, President of the MTConnect Institute and President of AMT-The Association For Manufacturing Technology. “Students benefit by developing relationships with companies as part of completing the challenge requirements – networking with a potential future employer and creating something for their professional portfolio. Manufacturers benefit by finding new ways to meet their challenges.”

The MTConnect Student Challenge is broken into two competitions: Idea Creation and Application Development.

MTConnect Student Challenge – Idea Creation
For the Ideation competition, students will be required to interview manufacturers to identify their challenges; describe potential solutions to that challenge; and create a conceptual mockup for a solution. The prizes for this competition are $5,000 for first place, $2,500 for second place, and three $1,000 prizes for runners up. The submission period is currently open, and it closes on December 15, 2015. Winners will be announced February 5, 2016.

Full rules and submission details are available at

MTConnect Student Challenge – Application Development
For the Application competition, students will be required to develop an application that demonstrates innovation and the use of manufacturing intelligence breakthroughs. Submissions will be rated based on their potential to create achievable and measurable benefits to manufacturing operations – improving efficiencies, minimizing waste, reducing costs, etc. The prizes for this competition are $10,000 for first place, $7,500 for second place, and $5,000 for third place. Submission for this competition is also currently open and will close on January 31, 2016. Winners will be announced at [MC]2 Conference, which will be held April 19-21, 2015 in Dallas, Texas.

Full rules and submission details are available at