Hurricane Sally graphic

ALAN Alert: Sally

In an ideal world, the American Logistics Aid Network or ALAN would have plenty of time to focus all of our efforts on Hurricane Laura clean-up and recovery – and assisting with ongoing disasters like the West Coast fires and COVID-19. But in the real world, disasters aren’t always willing to wait for their turn. As a result, ALAN is officially activated for Hurricane Sally.

Here’s what you need to know:

Yesterday ALAN has expanded its Disaster Micro-site to feature helpful Gulf Coast information resources.  In addition, they are monitoring and sharing information about Sally and its potential supply chain impacts via our Supply Chain Intelligence Center and encourage you to access it frequently.

Most important of all, ALAN has already begun working closely with many of the non-profit organizations that are preparing to deliver post-storm relief. They know they’ll need logistics help, and they’re turning to us for that support.

The National Hurricane Center advisory points to Sally as being a very dangerous hurricane, bringing potentially “historic flooding” and “life-threatening flash flooding… along portions of the Northern Gulf Coast”. ALAN hopes that those who are in its projected path will take its threat seriously. Just as important, they hope that members of the logistics community who have already helped with previous 2020 disasters will be willing to do so again – and that some businesses that weren’t in a position to help earlier this year might be willing to help with relief efforts now.  Because take it from us, your help is going to be needed.

ALAN understands that transportation markets are tight and that many of you are already starting your holiday response/build. They also aware that with the crazy year we’ve already had, there’s probably a fair amount of donor fatigue.  However we also know that donated logistics services are such a difference-maker after disasters hit.  And ALAN ever-thankful that our industry is such a generous one with such a huge capacity to care.

Along these lines, please visit our Disaster Micro-site frequently in the weeks ahead, because that’s where we’ll be posting active Sally relief requests as they come in.   And while you’re there, please consider helping out with the many Hurricane Laura and COVID-19 logistics needs that are already showcased there; there are now nearly two dozen of them.

On a final note, please resist the temptation to send unsolicited products, trucks, or personnel directly to impacted areas.   Many of these well-intended charitable efforts actually get in the way of what relief organizations are already there to do, so the best way that our industry can be of help is by responding to specific needs – or by making a cash donation to the relief organization of their choice.