Pride permeates Barcoding culture

A company founded 15 years ago in a Baltimore apartment now has 50 employees with plans to add more this year. Founded in 1998 by Jay Steinmetz, Barcoding Inc. has grown into a specialist in the design, development, and support of data collection application systems that make businesses more accurate, efficient and connected. Barcoding, Inc. is a national systems integrator, specializing in the development, deployment and management of supply chain and mobility systems based on automated data capture and wireless technology. Its barcoding and radio frequency identification applications are used in more than 2,500 businesses in food and beverage, healthcare, manufacturing and distribution, retail, transportation and logistics and wholesale inventory. “The company grew primarily through its premier partnerships with mobile hardware manufacturers like Motorola, Intermec, Honeywell, Zebra, and Psion and through its large web presence at,” said Shane Snyder, Barcoding’s president, who was recently promoted from vice president of sales.  “Currently, Barcoding actively participates in the advisory councils for all of our major partners. Our large, experienced and educated sales force uses the latest mobile technology combined with our own internal professional and software services to meet the needs of customers throughout the United States. We continue to be a thought leader and vanguard in the industry with solutions like our CaptureSoft eXpress (rapid application development) and brand new RFID products (IntellESeal).

To mark the 15th anniversary, “employees, customers and partners were treated to a “Black and White” themed event at local restaurant Bond Street Social in Fells Point, just down the street from where Jay Steinmetz founded the company. In addition to the event, Barcoding plans to give back to the local community via charities like Healthcare for the Homeless and to host customer appreciation events and dinners throughout the year,” Snyder said. “The next 15 years will bring substantial growth and change for the company,” Snyder said. “As the industry expands and morphs to meeting the ever-growing mobility demands of our customers, Barcoding will continue to lead the charge by providing leadership on issues such as: BYOD “bring your own device,” operating systems, wireless networking, device selection, implementation and deployment, software applications, and mobile device management. For Barcoding, we foresee a continuation of the current shift from “trusted reseller” to “trusted advisor” as companies deal with the increasing complexities of the mobile supply chain and new applications that are being driven by the explosion in mobile technologies and awareness.”

Pride permeates the culture at Barcoding Inc., he said. “Barcoding prides itself on its “true-to-its-roots” culture. We are proud of our Baltimore heritage and support the local sports teams with cook-outs and customer appreciation events. We are also proud of the innovation and risks that founder Jay Steinmetz has taken over the years to grow the company and foster that type of entrepreneurial spirit in every department. Our corporate office, satellite sales teams, and new office in Chicago continue our tradition of enjoying the rewards of our hard work with casual Fridays, social team building events, and conferences that bring our team together. Creativity is encouraged and promoted, and we, as a team, challenge each other to be better every day,” Snyder said.

Mary Glindinning is a freelance writer who has worked at daily and weekly newspapers for more than 20 years. She lives in rural Shullsburg, Wis. E-mail to contact Mary.