Merger creates new CONNEXUS INDUSTRIES Corporation

Company mergers are often tricky business endeavors with no firm guarantee of success (AOL Time Warner anyone?), but some are matches in business heaven, bringing together vibrant companies with similar mission statements and visions to create a greater enterprise that can produce even better products and results for their customers.

Meet the successful, instant hit merger story known as CONNEXUS INDUSTRIES, a private multi-divisional corporation focused on metal fabrication and erection.

CONNEXUS was born in January 2014 as I’Anco Products and Viking Chains, formally known as Nordstrong Equipment, joined forced with Lacey Harmer Inc. to become an intercontinental force specializing in chain and industrial manufactured solutions. The consolidation created a cutting edge material handling force with offices, manufacturing facilities and supply operations throughout North America able to facilitate orders in an efficient and timely manner.  About 60 employees are now working in five facilities in Portland, OR., Shreveport, LA., Acworth, GA., Langley, British Columbia, and St. Romuald, B.C., to provide customers with a better brand of innovative budget conscious products and customer service. 

“The consolidation of these three important companies is exciting news for the market place as the network of experience under the CONNEXUS banner is a tremendous resource for the industry,” CNX general manager Cliff Lane wrote to industry colleagues in a December 2013 letter announcing the merger. The merger also brought together “today and tomorrow-thinking” companies producing some of the industries’ most effective products, including the “Easy Empty” Orange Box (the only true self-dumping hopper in the market place), Laser Tracker fork lift tip guidance system, and the Leaf Chain (utilized in fork lifts and other material handling applications.)

“The most exciting part of the merger is that we are now part of a substantial and significant international operation offering some of the best products on the market at very competitive prices,” said Peter Thomas, CONNEXUS’ RENS product manager. “An excellent product line, great customer service and competitive pricing means we are destined to continue to grow and become an even greater resource for our customers.”

Delivering cost-conscious, high-quality products for customers is at the core of CONNEXUS’ mission. “All CONNEXUS products are designed to improve efficiency, thereby saving our customers money,” Thomas said. “CONNEXUS will continue to develop innovative products as needs are identified in the market place. This will always be a core mission.”

Arguably no product in the material handling industry controls product damage, increases productivity and creates a safe work environment better than CONNEXUS’ Lazer Tracker. The immensely in-demand product assists forklift operators in pinpoint accuracy of fork tip placement. CONNEXUS has been an innovator of laser technology since the 1970s, and the Lazer Tracker is continuously fine-tuned for maximum performance. “Better safety, better efficiency, less product damage and a safer work environment all positively affect the bottom line,” Thomas said. “CONNEXUS is one of the originators of laser technology dating back to the late 1970s-early ’80s. CONNEXUS is perpetually improving existing products, including the Lazer Tracker. Perpetual innovation and refinement is a core mission.”

The Easy Empty Container is another one of CONNEXUS’ product marvels. As the forklift tips the mast just a few degrees forward, the Easy Empty Container tips and its unique self-locking mechanism releases the door. When operators tilt the mast back or lower to the ground, the Easy Empty Container resets and the door is locked. Within seconds, the Easy Empty Container is ready to go back to work.

Plus, CONNEXUS designs the container in any size and almost any color to match a company’s specific needs. “The secret (in the Easy Empty Container’s success) is in the engineering,” Thomas said.

Few products on the marketplace deliver higher performance and durability than CXS Light Duty Leaf Chains, which feature specialized selected steal and unique heat treatment to ensure the highest quality chain on the market. The chain also contains treated pins that provide a unique advantage over conventional chains. And, like everything in the CXS catalog, they are consistently being upgraded.

“CXS leaf chains set the industry standard for strength and durability,” Thomas said. “CXS Leaf Chain is a smoother running, longer lasting chain.”

Under one corporate umbrella, this extremely diverse corporation can go anywhere. In one perfect merger, three successful material handling companies have joined forces in one united group to create an exciting new company ready to explore new frontiers of product performance and customer service.

“The merger of Viking Chains, Lacey Harmer and I’Anco Products to form CONNEXUS has resulted in a dynamic industry leader with expectations of perpetual innovation and growth,” Thomas said. “Our material handling lines will continue to set the standard throughout North American and the world.”

Clete Campbell is a freelance journalist with 16 years of daily newspaper experience.   E-mail to contact Clete.


Author: Clete Campbell

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