Manufacturer and Dealer relationship: Dealers are our ‘key jewel’ at CLARK

A “critical bridge.”  This is how Scott Johnson described the dealers who work with CLARK Material Handling Company. “We believe that the dealer continues to remain the critical bridge between us as the factory and the end user customer,” said Johnson, vice president of sales and marketing for Clark, overseeing the company markets in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Latin America. He also currently sits on the Industrial Truck Association...

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The Gender Pay Gap: How does your company measure up?

The gender pay gap persists, despite recent improvements. Census data over the past decade indicates that, on average, women earn roughly 80 to 85 cents for every dollar earned by men in comparable job positions. This is a hot topic in political circles. But it can be a problem at your company — even if you’re not worried about facing discrimination charges. Here’s the story. Discord in the Workplace The perception that...

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How to create a strong password

When was the last time you reviewed the passwords to your bank or credit card accounts, email or social media accounts? A year ago? Five years ago? Does it matter? Honestly – yes, but there is also such a thing as changing them too often. Passwords should be changed if they are all the same, if they are too easy to guess, or if they are forgotten or compromised. However, changing your passwords too often isn’t a great idea...

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Why subtly is critical to organizational change

When organizations examine ways to improve their culture and communications, they often look to the obvious. Simplifying overly complex processes, eliminating redundancies, encouraging people to be more collaborative and so forth. However, for some reason, many organization’s cultures end up changing only marginally or even not at all. The company’s leaders then search for alternative ways to increase productivity and...

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How to have tough conversations without damaging relationships

Great leaders handle conflict while preserving the strong relationships that help organizations thrive. Quint Studer shares some advice to help you have those difficult but necessary conversations No one enjoys conflict and confrontation. We all want to be liked and accepted, and very few of us enjoy hurting people’s feelings. Unfortunately, leaders must be able to handle conflict or we’re not doing our job. We need to be...

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The 1st rule of Leadership Club, Don’t talk about Leadership

We live in a jaded world when it comes to leadership.  We have all heard the person that speaks incredible advice on team leadership, recites maxims on how to enable employees, and then, in episodes of critical leadership practice, the same person fails horribly to lead even by the most fundamental measures.  Too many people in significant leadership roles from Army Generals to United States government officials to CEO’s to Non-Profit...

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How to quiet the ego and lead with humility

If you think you have all answers, it might be time for an ego adjustment. Quint Studer shares advice to help leaders embrace humility and model it for their teams Great leadership is not always about being “right.” In fact, it rarely is. The leader’s job is to bring out the best in employees and to engage them in working together to do what’s best for the company. This cannot happen when a leader is too...

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