Presto Lifts acquires ECOA Industrial Lift Products

Presto Lifts recently announced its acquisition of ECOA Industrial Lift Products of Hialeah, FL. “This is a near perfect extension for the Presto Lifts product range,” said Vice President, Steve Albert.  “In its 70 plus years of operation, Presto Lifts has developed a very complete range of lifting and positioning equipment to optimize the safety and productivity of workers in factories and warehouses.  ECOA’s products complement this range, and also expand it by allowing us to target bigger footprint, heavier capacity, and custom designed equipment required throughout these same facilities.”

In order to best satisfy ECOA product dealers and customers, Presto Lifts has opened a new office nearby in South Florida which will be staffed by experienced ECOA Sales and Technical support associates. Manufacturing will be more geographically centralized by moving it to Presto’s existing production operations in northeast Arkansas.

“ECOA Industrial Lifts has long carried a very strong reputation for customer satisfaction and now we have the opportunity to combine it with Presto Lifts’ strong reputation for customer service. This should be a real win-win for ourselves, our dealers and their customers,” concludes Albert.