Dennis Sutkowski headshot Dennis Sutkowski

Pallet Rack Avenger hires new VP of Sales

Pallet Rack Avenger, a warehouse racking repair specialist, welcomes Dennis Sutkowski as our new Vice President of Sales.

Dennis comes to Pallet Rack Avenger with 28-years of experience in the warehouse supply industry for multiple Fortune 500 companies. As VP of Sales, his responsibilities include bringing a tighter focus on the benefits and importance of pallet rack repair to warehouse distribution centers nationwide.

The Pallet Rack Avenger Rack Repair Product Line is in stock and is ready for immediate pick-up or shipping. The robust Rack Avenger Kits flexible design, intuitive installation, and in-stock availability make the product line an optimal solution for rack repair. While 24”, 36” and 48” standard sizes are in stock, there are infinite custom options available in size, function, and color. This Kit also comes with a 20-year factory replacement warranty. * The growing product line also includes a Pallet Rack Avenger Lift Kit, a straightforward pallet jacking system designed to retrofit to existing uprights. And lastly, we have the Pallet Rack Avenger Basic Rack Repair Kit which replaces the front leg of damaged uprights and revitalize them to their original capacity.

GOT-RACK.COM, Pallet Rack Avenger Owner and CEO, Alan Bridges, expressed his confidence that Dennis is the right fit for the job, saying: “Hiring Dennis corresponds with the Pallet Rack Avenger business growth strategy, which is to innovate the product line, and procure experienced experts. With his excellent record in project management and industry knowledge, it makes him a winning fit for the team.”

Dennis believes that his career as a Rack Repair Specialist has been growing and building for a number of years. “I’m looking forward to the opportunity to share the Pallet Rack Avenger product line with the industry. Helping our customers perform rack repairs, safely, and cost-effectively can be achieved with this product line. In the past, the rack repair process was laborious and time-consuming, filled with endless measurements, custom kits, and long manufacturing times. Our product line has been so thoughtfully engineered, that a kit size is determined with five simple measurements. Since the kits are adjustable, many repairs can be made with our in-stock kit sizes, and if a custom option is required, we manufacture it ourselves. We strive to be the industry leader in rack repair, and with this premier product line, we can do it.”