Treston LED Light

Treston reveals new LED Light with motion detection

A new, energy- and cost-saving LED light has been added to the Treston product range!

The Treston LED light with a built-in shield is now available with a motion sensor! The sensor easily detects a user at the workstation with a 45-degree viewing angle and automatically turns off after 60 seconds without movement.

Treston LED light imageTreston LEDs boast a long life span, 10x longer than traditional fluorescent lamps, and use up to 90% less power than traditional lighting. The added feature provides additional energy- and cost- savings, as these lights are only on when needed. As with Treston’s Dual LED light, the motion-activated light features a built-in eye shield which reduces lumens by approximately 25%. Cascade up to 10 units in a daisy chain on a manufacturing line, or magnetically attach a single unit below a shelf, Treston LEDs are easy and fast to install – just click into place and plugin.

Treston’s high-quality LED lights are carefree for years to come, with low maintenance – just keep them clean! Motion detection lights come with a two-year guarantee and are suitable for all Treston workstations.