Purkeys’ TAPS- solution available through authorized Yale™ dealers

Purkeys, a company focused on providing electrical solutions for the heavy-duty truckingindustry,   announces that its Trailer Auxiliary Power System (TAPS™) will now be available through Yale Materials Handling Corporation’s extensive PREMIER™ aftermarket parts program.

Motorized pallet trucks can benefit any fleet that specializes in product deliveries by reducing the physical demands on the driver and helping move various load sizes quickly and efficiently. However, companies often run the pallet truck all day and move it to a centralized charging station at the end of the day. This consumes both valuable time and warehouse space. It also subjects the pallet truck batteries to continual deep discharge, potentially shortening battery life.

When paired with TAPS, pallet trucks like the Yale® MPB045-VG can stay charged while on the road, improvingproductivity and overall efficiency. The rugged TAPS kit mounts conveniently into the front header of the trailer and converts DC power from the tractor to AC power in the trailer. Pallet trucks are simply plugged into an AC power receptacle andcharged on the way to the next delivery location.

“The TAPS helps keep pallet truck batteries at a good state of charge, allowing for longer battery life and helping drivers complete all scheduled deliveries,” said Rylar Masco, Purkeys National OEM Representative.

“We are always looking for innovative products that complement our lift truck product line and help customers meet their productivity goals,” said Kevin Carter, Inside Sales Manager-Aftermarket with Yale Materials Handling Corporation. “Every end user who utilizes a motorized pallet truck as part of their delivery truck configuration should consider installing a TAPS to virtually eliminate the need to remove the unit for charging.”