PMH making waves with new B-P side loading forklifts

PMH is making waves in the US market again with its distribution of  B-P Sideloading Forklifts.

Battioni e Pagani is the Italian Manufacturer who first pioneered the use of sideloaders in the timber industry during the late 50’s. “The collaboration will result in a considerable expansion of our product range” says Wolfgang Nordhorn of PMH. 

With the popularity of sideloaders and multi-directional forklifts on the rise, PMH features two world class side loading forklift models in the US. The SL offers a robust platform for control of long loads both indoors and outdoors. The modular construction and electronic controls boast the ability to adapt the SL platform to LPG, diesel or electric power. The QL is unique in that it offers all wheel steering for complete 360 degree travel capability allowing for side travel handling long loads in narrow aisles. Both these models and the complete BP range from 2 – 50 tons are now available for the first time in the US market. PMH (Professional Materials Handling Co. Inc.)  Nordhorn says “these vehicles offer a competitive advantage to existing competition”  currently PMH is actively looking for dealers.