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Panacea Aftermarket Co., a supplier of forklift parts and safety accessories and the exclusive dealer of BEAST SAFETY PRODUCTS, is pleased to introduce the BOSS: BEAST OPTICAL SAFETY SURROUND. This innovative product expands on the company’s popular blue forklift light by significantly increasing the visible warning area both around and in front of the forklift, not just the rear.

“Our safety surround system consists of two components, our U-shaped arc light at the rear of the forklift and our curtain, red zone lights on either side,” said Don Martindale, CEO of Panacea Aftermarket Co.  “We have re-engineered our arc light, incredibly it is now 30% brighter and 30% smaller.”

The Beast Optical Surround System incorporates the latest technology available in industrial LED safety lighting and advanced optics. This marvel of optical engineering did not come without its own unique challenges. “One of the issues of having such a small light housing and outputting as much power as it does was heat dissipation. We solved this by using a bronze circuit board as opposed to the less efficient aluminum circuit board, which is an industry first.”

The Beast Optical Surround System is not only a breakthrough in forklift and pedestrian safety but also a product that is destined to help save lives and reduce workplace injuries. This is crucial, given the alarming statistics related to workplace-related accidents. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration estimates that approximately 110 deaths and 92,000  injuries occur annually as a direct result of forklifts in the workplace. Additionally, the number one cause of forklift-related deaths are pedestrians being struck by the vehicle.  Panacea Aftermarket Co.’s forklift Beast Optical Surround System offers a simple yet efficient solution to aid in the effort to reduce such mishaps.

The Beast Optical Surround System is available in red, blue, or green. And priced at only $210 USD with immediate delivery; a safe workplace has never been so accessible or affordable.  “Our pricing philosophy has not changed from when we first started over a decade ago,” Martindale said, “We do not believe that safety products should be cost-prohibitive. Excessive profit should not come at the expense of an employee’s health and wellbeing.”

Panacea Aftermarket Co. sells a variety of forklift parts and safety accessories to customers worldwide. Its product offerings also include forklift wireless camera systems and LED forklift safety lights engineered for the toughest industrial applications. Having U.S. and Canadian locations ensures quick and inexpensive shipping. Panacea Aftermarket also ships internationally at exceptionally low rates.