NEW powered drum handler safe/effective for male and female operators

Liftomatic Material Handling, Inc. introduces the new Ergo750-PWPL-CB drum transporter, the latest addition to the company’s Ergo-Matic® line of drum handling equipment. The Ergo750-PWPL-CB is a completely powered and self-contained drum handling device for lifting, lowering, and moving all steel, plastic, and fiber drums.

The compact modular design is the perfect fit in tight aisles or cramped spaces where a powered, portable drum handling unit is required. Lift, transport, and place a drum with no man-handling. The unit can be operated safely and efficiently by any qualified personnel. A variety of lifting heights, options, and features are available on the Ergo-750-PWPL Series.

The unit incorporates power drive forward and reverse features, as well as power lift and lower for moving drums safely and easily by any male or female operator. Varying weight capacities are available between 750 and 1,000 lb.

The new Ergo750-PWPL-CB offers users a number of benefits including:

• Quick setup and use for almost any type of industrial electric vehicle application
• Unique driving parameters for each vehicle application with easy operator adjustment
• Regenerative braking function utilizing the power of the motor to slow it down
• Steering/throttle handle device provides forward/reverse levers, lift and lower pushbutton contactor, horn pushbutton contactor, on/off key switch, and emergency reverse.

All of the company’s Ergo-Matic® models incorporate Liftomatic’s exclusive single ‘Parrot-Beak®’ clamping mechanism, which allows the operator to safely grip the drum for convenient and efficient handling. The mechanism maintains a secure grip throughout the pickup and release process.