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Mitsubishi Logisnext Americas Group launches new UniCarriers Forklift 3-Wheel and 4-Wheel Electric Pneumatics Trucks

Mitsubishi Logisnext Americas group, the exclusive manufacturer and provider of UniCarriers® Forklifts across North, Central, and South America, has announced the official launch of the MXS3 and MXS4 Series 3-wheel and 4-wheel electric pneumatics forklifts. These battery-powered forklifts are available to all UniCarriers brand dealers across North and South America, as well as the Caribbean. This product lineup addition now completes the Class I product line for UniCarriers Forklift.

Some key advantages:

  • Models range from 2,700 to 4,000 lb. in capacity

  • High levels of serviceability and standard overhead crane battery extraction limit the amount of time needed for daily service tasks and checks.

  • Dual 48-volt AC motors (travel and hydraulic) help to increase performance, offer high levels of torque, and provide excellent energy efficiency.

  • Advanced curve control limits the speed of the truck while cornering.

UniCarriers Forklift 3-Wheel and 4-Wheel Electric Pneumatics Trucks“These models provide the same quality and reliability our products are known for, and they are designed to meet market expectations in maneuverability, performance, and reliability,” said Mark Manninen, vice president of Sales and Marketing for UniCarriers Forklifts at Mitsubishi Logisnext Americas. “These additional features and advancements help our customers increase productivity levels, enhance overall ergonomics and decrease the overall cost of ownership.”

The MXS3 and MXS4 Series are available now. For more information, visit https://www.logisnextamericas.com/en/unicarriers/all-forklifts/unicarriers/classi/electriccounterbalanced/mxs3-mxs4