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Hyster expands integrated lithium-ion power to heavy-duty forklift segment

Advanced battery technology brings electric power to increasingly high-capacity equipment that makes operational and business sense

Hyster Company announces new high-capacity forklift models with factory-integrated lithium-ion power, known as the J230-360XD and J360XD36-48 in the Americas, and the J10-18XD in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, and Asia-Pacific. All models feature 350-volt lithium-ion battery power that delivers performance comparable to traditional diesel power in 23,000- to 36,000-pound (10-18 ton) load capacities, helping heavy-duty applications achieve emissions goals without compromising performance.

“High-capacity lift trucks have historically depended on internal combustion engines, but with 350V lithium-ion power, going electric does not mean sacrificing performance or operational efficiency,” says Jan-Willem van den Brand, Director Global Market Development for Big Trucks, Hyster Company. “These new models exemplify clean power that means business, helping the bottom line with a lower total cost of ownership and delivering on the job site with long-term value, performance, and sustainability.”

Hyster image 2 2021The high-performance trucks deliver key advantages to help heavy-duty industries like steel, concrete, lumber, agriculture, and ports more easily transition to clean power:

  • Exceptional performance and visibility enable operators to use equipment just as they would       traditional diesel-powered trucks
  • Convenient opportunity charging and capacity for over 275 kWh of on-board energy storage for   extended run-time between charges
  • Fast charging speed requires as little as 11 minutes of plug-in time for up to an hour’s worth of truck use
  • No need to maintain, swap out batteries or designate valuable operational space to do so
  • The emission-free operation helps businesses achieve sustainability targets, take advantage of   financial incentives and comply with regulations

Hyster helps customers make the most of their investment in electrification, not only by providing cutting-edge integrated lithium-ion trucks but also through a best-fit charging strategy to meet unique operational requirements. This total package of technology and charging strategy can enable 24/7 operation for most heavy-duty applications. For example, higher-capacity battery packs can extend run-time between charges, while strategically located charging infrastructure can make the best use of opportunity charging between shifts or during breaks.

The high-capacity lithium-ion powered trucks draw on lessons learned through Hyster’s decades of experience with electric lift trucks to provide a trusted choice for heavy-duty operations. To stand up to intensive applications and prevent overheating, a high-voltage, low-current system incorporates water-cooled motors and drive controllers, helping to greatly reduce heat development. The trucks also include battery monitoring systems to help control under and over-charging.