End Rider Battery

Flux Power leading the industry with Lithium-ion battery technology

For years, lead acid batteries have been the “go to” source of power for material handling equipment. However, lithium-ion batteries are quickly becoming a popular choice thanks to their efficiency and safety enhancements.

Flux Power, a world-provider in producing advanced lithium-ion battery technology, has a complete product lineup supporting Class 1-3 material handling equipment.

Lithium-ion batteries are more compact and energy dense than lead-acid, and feature several benefits:

  • No maintenance: Lithium-ion batteries are sealed, so electricity-generating chemicals stay inside. They do not require a battery watering system, and our proprietary battery management system ensures cells remain balanced
  • Safety enhancements: Their sealed design removes the potential for acid spills, corrosion, sulfation or contamination in the workplace. There are no explosive gases during charging, and they are UL certified
  • Energy efficient: Lithium-ion battery chemistry offers an average 40% improvement in efficiency over lead-acid batteries. They also feature longer average run times by almost 2 hours over lead-acid

The return on investment and increased safety make integrating lithium-ion batteries the logical choice for any company looking to increase efficiency and reduce costs.