Raymond announces walkie pallet truck with double-power capacity lithium-ion battery

The Raymond Corporation introduces the new Raymond® Model 8250 AC walkie pallet truck with 24-volt, 156 ampere-hour Light EV Battery Pack. Built specifically for the Raymond Model 8250, this double-power-capacity lithium-ion battery pack has been UL 2271 listed. UL is an organization with laboratories that perform rigorous industry-standard testing to measure compliance and trustworthiness of marketplace products for companies.

“Raymond’s strategic technology alliance with Cummins — a leading electric vehicle technology company — helped to develop robust lithium-ion alternative energy solutions that provide a battery to our customers that will keep them powered for the long haul,” says Erica Moyer, product manager for pallet trucks and stackers, Raymond. “Ensuring the utmost confidence in users of Raymond trucks, this latest energy solution has been tried and tested for ultimate performance.”

The Model 8250 with lithium-ion battery is an intelligent truck and pack offering, providing CAN communication that allows data exchange between truck and lithium-ion battery pack, providing operator feedback in the form of fault codes displayed on the truck’s control handle, as well as audible and visual alarms if charge is required or low.

The onboard battery management system allows the user to schedule charge times, provide notifications when charging is required and monitor charging and usage to prevent overcharging and discharging events.

As an added benefit, this power pack includes integrated heaters for superior cold storage needs and thermal controls that reduce the risk of damage caused by environmental extremes. The power pack has been designed to handle rugged environments and is IP65-sealed and maintenance-free. In addition, Raymond’s user interface offers the operator a visual representation of the battery’s charge state and audible and visual alarms if the battery pack requires immediate attention.

The Raymond Model 8250 AC walkie pallet truck with lithium-ion battery pack also is available in a standard configuration of 24-volt, 78 ampere-hour Light EV Battery Pack.