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CLARK partners with Flux Power to supply Lithium-Ion batteries

CLARK Material Handling Company (CLARK), a top-ten global manufacturer of forklift trucks and spare parts, has partnered with Flux Power to provide the family of CLARK Dealers and end-users with up-to-date lithium-ion power options that outlast and outperforms most, if not all, comparable options and at a lower cost with fewer replacements needed.

Founded in 2009, Flux Power is a leading developer of lithium-ion batteries having higher performance, extended life, and lower total cost of ownership compared with lead-acid solutions. Products include advanced battery packs for forklifts, airport ground support equipment, and other commercial and industrial applications. To date, Flux Power has shipped over 7,000 lithium-ion battery packs nationwide.

Flux Power lithium ion battery image 2Over the years Flux Power manufactured high-quality battery packs for Sitdown Riders, Narrow Aisle, End Riders, Center Riders, and Walkies with a focus on being “experts in energy storage solutions.” Their environmentally friendly products contain no toxic lead or acid and release no explosive gases when charging.

Additionally, customers using Flux Power LiFT Packs experience run time increases of up to 45% over similarly rated (amp-hour) lead-acid batteries. The exacting standards of Flux Power provide CLARK with a competitive product that meets the extensive needs of CLARK Dealers and end-users.

Charlie Chwasz headshot

Charlie Chwasz , Clark National Parts Sales Manager

“We’ve listened to our dealers and to our end-users. After extensive industry research, CLARK identified Flux Power as the best partner for providing a superior product that meets or exceeds our dealer and customer requirements,” said Charlie Chwasz, North America Aftermarket Sales Manager. “Flux Power is a great addition that well-complements our existing battery line-up. This partnership will provide customers with a maintenance-free alternative that reduces owner operating costs,” Chwasz added.