Ecotec unveils sleek new Access charger

Ecotec has unveiled the latest in its line of industrial battery chargers with the introduction of the new sleek 5kW high-frequency Access charger.

The new, lightweight charger features all the same characteristics as the rest of the Access charger family, but in a smaller size, allowing for a more competitive price point without compromising the power.

“This small, yet highly-efficient charger is a powerhouse,” said Ecotec General Manager Jim Keyser. “We can’t wait to show it off and see our customers start putting it to good use.”

The new charger is almost half the size of its predecessor at 13.5 inches tall by 10.5 inches wide and just 5.5 inches deep. However, the charge still packs a powerful punch, with charge cycle efficiency that exceeds 92 percent.

The charger is capable of charging batteries of various chemistries, Keyser said, and when paired with Ecotec’s Battery Monitoring Unit (BMU Pro), the 5kW Access charger becomes a multi-voltage/multi-ampere-hour unit.

The newest Access charger complies with California Energy Commission standards and is compatible with existing Access charger stands.

“The flexibility of the charger allows it to be set for conventional, opportunity and fast charging,” Keyser said. “It is the perfect blend of functionality, convenience and affordability.”