BHT-M80 Terminal image

DENSO ADC showcases BHT-M80 Terminal at virtual ProMat DX 2021

DENSO’s powerful, ergonomic scanning device debuts at new ‘digital experience’ show

DENSO ADC, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of automatic identification and data collection systems, will showcase its new BHT-M80 at the ProMat DX virtual trade show on April 12-16. DENSO’s virtual exhibit includes an interactive demonstration of the advanced barcode handheld terminal Tuesday, April 13, at 2:15 p.m. CDT.

“The BHT-M80 is a comprehensive scanning solution for increasing productivity, improving worker safety, and reducing errors,” said Richard Shiozaki, senior vice president of DENSO Products and Services Americas, Inc. “With its advanced components and software, this high-performance terminal offers warehousing and logistics, manufacturing, and other industries the precision tool they need to manage and move their inventory with unparalleled efficiency.”

Built for excellence and ease of use, the BHT-M80’s flexible distance scanning range, high-speed scanning, high-resolution sensors, and exceptional durability combine to offer unmatched value. The unit reads codes from less than 2 inches away to up to 5 feet or more. Its ergonomic advantages include an angled scan head, a screen that automatically adjusts to most gloves, and both screen and targeting marker optimized for indoor or outdoor use.

The BHT-M80 offers seamless high-speed scanning of multiple 2D codes and scans through glass. The terminal’s continuous mode allows users to read up to 30 labels per second, up to three times faster than its conventional counterpart.

With its advanced decode engine and high-resolution sensors, the BHT-M80 handily reads damaged, poor quality, or defaced codes. It also scans codes printed on unique surfaces, such as metallic or low-contrast DPM parts and those in plastic wrap or laminated. Other advantages include OCR capabilities.

An IP67 rating and high-grade, lightweight magnesium frame ensure the BHT-M80’s durability and functionality in multiple workplace environments, including dusty factories and rainy weather. The scratch-resistant Dragontail™ Pro screen, an industry-leading tempered glass, offers advanced protection and high visibility.

The BHT-M80 is powered by the Qualcomm® 64-bit octa-core processor and runs on the highly familiar Android operating system. Software solutions include BHT Booster, which has a wide array of pre-built applications and also allows non-programmers to easily customize these applications or develop new ones right on the device. Available upgrades include BHT DMS, a terminal management system for connecting with other DENSO products.

In addition to the new BHT-M80, DENSO will also spotlight its SP1 RFID scanner and the DENSO Robotics VMB series at ProMat DXRegistration is free.