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DBCI delivers greater reliability, security for Roll-up Doors with introduction of Advanced, Slim-Profile Motors

The cutting-edge, easy-to-install motors pair with any DBCI commercial light- and a heavy-duty roll-up door, providing enhanced convenience and security.

“Choosing and installing one of these new motors changes the daily operation of a site such as a warehouse or storage facility that is constantly opening and closing the roll-up doors. It’s about reliability, security, and hassle-free operation,” said Ashley Harper, product manager, DBCI. “The EasyRoller and ShedMaster models offer the latest in automatic motor technology and serve as the optimal solution for effortless operation and peace of mind for our customers.”

Easyroller image


EasyRoller features a slim profile and comes equipped with the latest intelligent safety system (ISS). The motor is compatible with ATA’s Auto-Ki Smart Phone Control Kit and features wireless safety beams for added user protection. Suitable for doors up to 16.5m2, EasyRoller has 100 watts of motor power combined with a soft start/stop function that reduces stress on the door and the opener.

Shedmaster image


ShedMaster features a rugged, IP24 rated weather-resistant housing and is designed for exposed, all-weather climates such as open carports or perimeter doors. A built-in lockout system helps prevent unauthorized entry, and the operator also features wired safety beams and ISS. ShedMaster runs on a 550N DC motor and is compatible with DCBI doors of up to 15m2.

EasyRoller and ShedMaster are the latest additions the DBCI’s roster of motor operators, all designed for ease of use, enhanced security, and added convenience for day-to-day operations.