Brady debuts new safety lock and tag carrier

Brady, a global provider of industrial and safety printing systems and solutions,  announced its safety lock and tag carrier. This carrier can hold up to 12 safety padlocks and keys, as well as lockout hasps and lockout procedure tags.

“The Safety Lock and Tag Carrier was designed to offer customers a convenient and more organized way to transport or store their lockout devices,” says Tom Campbell, global product manager, lockout tagout solutions for Brady. “It helps to reduce the amount of lost or misplaced locks and hasps, while also improving safety by keeping the necessary devices on hand to secure energy isolation points throughout a facility.”

 With an offset design for flush wall mounting, equipment mounting or hanging on a belt clip, the Safety Lock and Tag Carrier keeps lockout supplies in one place. It includes slots for 12 safety padlocks, two small and one large carabineer, a coiled key strap, product labels and three lockout procedure tags. Kit options include these features with the addition of two hasps and 12 padlocks, with a variety of color and key options.