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EP 205: ERP with WBSRocks

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On this episode, I was joined by Sam Gupta, Principal Consultant at ElevatIQ and the Founder and host of WBSRocks. Sam is a fellow podcaster and an ERP expert which is the focus of his consulting through ElevatIQ. I was a guest on Sam’s podcast, WBSRocks, and he has now come on my show to discuss ERP and how it relates to distribution and warehousing.

Key Takeaways

  • Sam’s background is rooted in manufacturing and distribution from his family side. From this, he has a natural taking to this world, leading him to find his place in the ERP world. Along the way, he has tried some different start-ups and eventually landed in the consulting field where he helps companies implement ERP systems and guides them through different phases as well. This is the ElevatIQ side of things. Through this work, he has also created an amazing community called WBSRocks which connects individuals from all aspects of the supply chain world.
  • ERP stands for enterprise resource planning which Sam says is really just a marketing term that can throw some people off. He advises not to think that an ERP system will solve all of your business needs as many are built for a specific purpose. Sam also discusses some of the necessary extensions to an ERP like a WMS. Often, implementations are not successful due to choosing the wrong ERP system for the goal you need to accomplish.
  • When it comes to the implementation of any system it can be a scary time for companies because a lot is riding on these moves. Sam gives some advice on how to have a successful implementation. The one key thing is setting the correct foundation, ensuring you understand all your processes and have them documented. This is key to understanding how your new system needs to work and needs to be set up.

Listen to the episode below and leave a comment with your implementation stories.

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EP 205: ERP with WBSRocks